5 Key SEO Techniques for Best Search Engine Ranking

In this post, I will explain in detail the most important elements of Google. Along with advances in technology, most Indian business websites are growing up. This brings tough competition with many struggles for companies to stand at the top. It will not stay behind a single business, including India’s website design, but a competitive market. All companies in India want to expand their business to target users.

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Here, it’s important that Google ranking elements actually lift those businesses. Recently, a lot of information on the rank of the website has emerged. Google’s ranking element provides SEO and content marketers with recent insights on key top factors in search results.

If you really want to know these ranking factors, reading this article gives you a complete guide on how Google ranks websites, The most important Google ranking factors that may have been absent are as follows:

Website Factor

There are several elements of the website that affect the availability and ranking of search on your website. Let’s take a quick look at these factors:


Using Sitemaps, search engines can index all pages of a website. It is probably the most convenient way to publish all the pages of your website to Google.

Server location

The location of the server helps to maximize the ranking of a specific place or country.

Mobile optimization website

As mobile Internet users increase, Google is compatible with mobile and supports websites that can be viewed from any type of mobile device.

Google Webmaster Tools Integration

Including Google Webmaster, Tools on your site will help you index your website. This is an efficient way for Google to index your site quickly. In addition, this tool provides useful data to help you optimize your website.

On-Page Factor

On-page SEO shows the factors that enable you to directly control the management of your personal website. Approaches applied to optimize pages bring the most insightful effect on ranking. Many factors are ignored to a certain point, which may make them negative.

Find some of the factors of the page that may affect the visibility of the search.

Keywords in The Description Tag

Currently, the importance of meta description tags is frequently discussed in the SEO environment. But it is still an applicable signal and it is important to earn a visitor’s click from the search engine results page. When you use keywords in the description tag, it applies to both search engines and searches users.

Keywords in the H1 tag

The H1 tag is considered another important ranking element that provides a short description of the content of the web page. We recommend that you develop a unique and useful H1 tag on a Web page.

Keywords in Title Tag

The title meta tag is regarded as the signal of the strongest relevance to the search engine. The tag itself is to correctly describe the contents of the page. The search engine uses it to present the main title of the search result. By using keywords it means search engines ranking pages.

You also need to keep keywords at the beginning of the title tag. Pages optimized in this way are ranked better than those with keywords close to the end of the title tag.

Use keywords For Content
Using keywords in content provides you with the right information about content and web pages. However, the way you display and include keywords may also affect the ranking of your web pages.

Long and unique content
Users can explore sites for education and get information on your business. However, providing basic information only may not work. Therefore, the search engine Google looks for sites with unique, useful and descriptive content. Including long content, there is a chance to present that topic further. Please write long and useful content.

Send Link
By linking with reliable pages, it helps to develop reliability signals to search engines. However, if too many outbound links are made, the PageRank of the web page will be greatly reduced and the visibility of the search will be compromised. Therefore, to avoid these problems, avoid the extreme use of outbound links.

Internal Link
Internal links are very useful for interconnecting content.

Standard Tag
In some cases, you may need two URLs with the same content. To prevent this, to prevent duplication of content, use the regular tag on the website. This tag informs Google that one URL is comparable to another URL.

Image optimization
You can also optimize text, images and other media. The image shows the search engine signal as ALT text, caption.

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