Why are SEO Consulting Services Important to Your Business?

You have a website, you have some good products on it. So how to let people know that you exist on the Internet!
The best way to reach your people is to enter the results of the Google search ranking. In today’s world, we all depend on “Google” to get the answers to our queries, to know something in detail.

SEO Consulting Services

Google is the place where anyone can search and find exactly what they were looking for. So how can you access the results of the Google search ranking? Well, search engine optimization (SEO) is the way to go.

Google prefers quality over everything else. If your website follows the search engine algorithm guidelines while maintaining quality, you have a good chance of getting its place in the Google SERPs. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to study SEO and implement your algorithms on your website. You can facilitate it by hiring an SEO services company and let them work for you.

Gajompa Web Solutions is the SEO agency near you that can help your website get one of the first places in the ranking of the first page of Google search results. Our SEO consulting services are perfectly complete and end to end.

More about our SEO services

With the use of our excellent SEO Audit tools, we assure you that you provide only the best quality SEO Services nationwide or affordable local SEO services for your business. Let’s see how our white hat SEO strategies work best for the growth of your business.

Keyword Research

Starting with the business study, the audience study and the product study, we conduct keyword research to target potential customers and bring them to your website through organic search results.

Our keyword filtering process works as follows:

• Analysis of commercial and brand keywords

• Website keyword analysis

• Competition keyword analysis

• Search analysis of user queries

• Analysis of keywords related to products

Once we have enough keywords and their search volumes, we can start optimizing the website with On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniques.

On Page Optimization

The optimization of your website through SEO best practices is called on page optimization, which includes:

• Metadata optimization for each page of the website

• Implementation of schema marking labels

• Schema tag optimization of all pages

• Meta Open GraphTags improvements to increase the performance of your link in social networks

• Filtering and using keywords on the site in the right way

• Analysis of keyword quality and repetition density on each page

• SEO rich content and copywriting

• Content optimization according to the desired keywords (Branding and SEO Both)

• Implementation of the Google Analytics configuration and tracking code on the website

• Add the necessary codes to reflect your social media profiles in local search results (Google My Business)

• Easy to use website analysis and improvement

• Internal strategic link and analysis

• Analysis and optimization of outbound links

• Control of external links

• Optimization and analysis of images throughout the site

• AMP implementation for faster mobile navigation

• Website speed analysis, monitoring and improvements

• Site security control and improvements

if any website does not yet have its blog platform, we assume the responsibility of establishing a blog CMS accompanied by the best themes and add-ons coded for SEO. We make sure to publish at least 1 high-quality article a week to maintain the commitment and quality of the site.

Off-page optimization

The main and most crucial part of off-page optimization is link building (to create quality links to generate more referral traffic to your website). Creating backlinks can be done in many ways, such as: Blog post, Forum post, Guest post, Directory listing, Press releases, Image posts, Share PPT, Profile creation , Content Marketing and through the most modern. and affordable local SEO services.

We create only quality backlinks that can benefit your website in three ways:

1- Traffic
2- Authority
3- User trust

Our link building process works like this:

• We adopt 100% of White Hat techniques and the creation of backlinks through the publication of quality guests or the blog publishing approach. We make sure that every part of the content we disseminate on the web is based on quality and authentic.

• To guarantee the authenticity of backlinks, we publish our articles, guest posts or answers to questions only on sites that have a good Alexa ranking, high authority and excellent followers on social networks.

• Our backlinks never consist of duplicate content. We make our original and high quality content to provide users with valuable information and help them reach the right products.

• Even the directories and forums we prefer should have low outbound links and high authority and commitment.

• We carefully investigate and use the anchors that can help us target the correct keywords for the website.

Monthly analysis and follow-up reports

In addition to maintaining a good optimization on the page and off the page for the website, we perform monthly analyzes and follow-ups to keep up with the latest trends, user requirements and search engine algorithms.

Monthly follow-up and reports include:

• Interpretation of Google Analytics figures and recommendations.

• Tips to improve the content marketing strategy

• Analysis and research of different competitors.

• Recommend SEO best practices: title tags, alternative images, etc.

• Site factors on the page

• Number of backlinks

• Age of domain

• Site loading speed

• Search engine friendly

• Content gap analysis

• Simple and easy to understand Google Analytics chart and analysis of results.

• Detailed and detailed explanation. Are you looking for an SEO expert in India? Hire Gajompa Web Solutions, an SEO services company designed to achieve maximum results and growth.

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